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After finishing my waiting list, I plan to re-open some slots for commissions for the first time in a long while. Thank you for your patience and support! — Joelin (FIVEONTHE)

【 Ordering a Commission 】

  • Send an email to with the commission form
  • I will take commissions per my availability, if I accept your commission I will reserve a slot for you.

【 Process 

  • Once your commission is accepted, I will contact you through email when I begin.
  • Invoice will be sent through PayPal, and can be paid full upfront, or half initially and half before final completion.
  • Commission can take weeks to months depending on my schedule, I will be updating you along the way in stages as I work through your request :D 
  • I work closely with your feedback in the commission process, so feel free to let me know what you think! (Initial Sketch > Base Colours > Painting Details/Final)
  • Final file will be sent as a full resolution JPEG (Please let me know if you have any specific file formats you need)

【 Commission Form 】

  • Name — 
  • PayPal Email — 
  • Contact Info — Email / Instagram / Twitter / Discord.
  • Commission Idea — A brief description of what you have in mind. If you don't know, you can leave it up to me! 
  • Style —  Sketch / Character Illustration / Painted+Background
  • References —  Character facial features, different angles, eye colour, or poses. If you have descriptions, mood boards or inspiration feel free to send as much as you like. Anything that will help me understand your character(s) and ideas :D
  • Special Requests —  Deadlines / gift / surprise / file formats, etc.


【 Styles 】

Personal Commissions Rates ✦ Updated Nov 2022
Pricing in USD ✦ Paypal Only
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I. Sketch Commission

Simple shaded style.
— Bust $90
— Waist Up $100
 Full body $120
— additional characters +$50

II. Character Illustration

Fully rendered character art portraits.
— Bust $200
— Waist Up $250
— Full body $300
 additional characters +$70
— additional details / background elements +$70

III. Painted Illustration + Background

Painterly, illustrative style with characters in a scene/environment.
— Simple (sky, abstract) $450+
— Medium (nature, organic) $550+
— Complex (architecture, complicated details) $750+
— additional characters +$100
— Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of character and environment details!

Thank you for your interest and support!(人´∀`*)

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Terms and Conditions

  • All commissions are for personal use only. No reproductions, claims, tracing, or any form of sale. 
  • Pricing listed are only general estimates, please contact me for a specific quote as each commission will be tailored to suit your needs!
  • My gallery will serve as a general example of what I do and what I don't, please understand if I decline your request!
  • I may / may not show progress of your commission on my social media & portfolio. Please let me know if you would not prefer me not to.
  • If you need to cancel your commission, you can do so anytime before I begin. However if I have already made progress, I cannot refund you.
  • Copyright is retained by me for any commissioned artwork.

Commercial Commissions

  • For commercial requests and projects, feel free to contact me for additional information.
  • Rates will differ to personal commission pricing depending on the scope of the project, licensing and copyright.
  • Please contact me at and we can discuss further!