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- Reserving a Commission - 
Thank you for all your responses, reservations will re-open in the future.
I will be working to complete the commissions on the list until then
Thank you for understanding, patience and support! :D

★ How to Order

  • Send me an email to
  • If your commission is accepted, I will reserve a slot for you on the commission wait list
  • Commissions are completed through reserved orders on the wait list, once I finish a commission I will move onto the next.
  • If you have a deadline or any requirement for time, please let me know.
  • I will contact you through email again when it is near your turn in the queue, if you are still interested in your reservation, we will confirm your commission details and payment (´・ω・`)
When it is your turn -
  • I will give you a quote and an invoice via Paypal ( will be sent for payment.
  • Orders can be paid in full, or half initially and half before receiving the final commission.
  • I will begin only after payment, and update you when I start your commission.
  • Sketches / work in progress will be sent to you as updates as I work through your commission ^^
  • Finished commission will be sent you as a digital full resolution 300dpi JPEG/PDF file to your email. (If you have any special requests/formatting, let me know)
  • Some works in progress and finished commissions may be uploaded to my gallery - please let me know if you don’t want me to.

☆ Commission Form

Email to, thank you! ^^

  • Name:
  • Contact:
  • Paypal email:
  • References: (reference pictures /character personality notes)
  • Notes: (deadline /gift /special requests)
  • Please let me know your thoughts and ideas, we can talk about it more if you are unsure! :) 
✦ Flower Sketch
Mixed media with flowers (Solo/Couple Only)
一 $50~ / +$10 additional character
✦ PAINTED Character Art
Characters only / flat colour background
- $70~ Bust Up 
- $80~ Waist Up 
- $90~ Full body
+$50 additional characters
Full Digital Painted Illustration - pricing varies depending on amount of environmental & character details. 
We will discuss ideas/pricing depending on what you would like! 
- $125+ simple (sky, patterns, textures)
- $155+ medium (floral, nature)
$185~200+ complex (perspective/architecture, complex details, fully illustrated scenes)
+$70 additional characters

Terms & Policy -

  • If I cannot contact you or there is no reply within a week after your turn, I will pass your slot to the next person on the list
  • You can cancel your reserved slot/order anytime before your turn.
  • Depending on your commission, I may or may not accept it, please understand if I decline your request.
  • If I have begun your commission, I cannot refund you. I will only refund if for some reason I cannot finish/complete your final commission.
  • Please use these artworks only for personal use, you may print it for personal use, but no distribution, re-sales, etc.
  • For business enquiries, please email me ✉

Thank you for your support!

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